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Brian Landry

Galatoire’s Restaurant / Executive Chef

Harlon’s is our preferred resource for high quality local seafood. Galatoire’s has enjoyed a long mutually advantageous relationship with Harlon. In addition to being dear friends with members of the Galatoire family, Harlon has also been our preferred resource for high quality local seafood. Whether we are looking for pompano, black drum, Louisiana shrimp or soft shell crabs Harlon is always able to provide these items to us fresh, promptly, and at a great price.

Chef Duke LoCicero

Cafe Giovanni / Owner/Executive Chef

If you’re depending on a purveyor to provide you with the freshest products, great customer service, and extensive selection of quality merchandise, then choose Harlon’s LA Fish.  Harlon’s provides me with the freshest Louisiana shrimp and seafood, and always has top-notch customer service.  That’s why I buy from Harlon’s LA Fish.

Ewell Smith

Former Executive Director / Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board

Mr. Pearce not only has a long standing history of providing Louisiana seafood to some of the best restaurants in the world though his company Harlon’s LA Fish, he has served as Chairman of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board.  The people he and his company have served through the years without a doubt understand his passion for Louisiana’s fisheries.

Chef Dennis

Le Parvenu Restaurant/Executive Chef

For over 35 years, Harlon Pearce has supplied me seafood. His
attention to service, quality, and freshness make it easy to cook and
produce the great seafood of Louisiana.

Susan Strange

Chef, Unique Cuisines

What a memorable evening, it was such a pleasure working with Harlon and LA Fish! The Chef’s Challenge event was fantastic and that was the freshest fish (provided by Harlon & Co.) I have ever tasted, absolutely wonderful. Never have I seen such a well organized, professionally judged event run so smoothly and everyone had fun. And the staff at LA Fish provided the best service, and handled the Canada-Louisiana Seafood Challenge so well, it was an honor to be included with some of the best Women chefs in Louisiana. I can’t tell you how much fun it was working with LA Seafood!